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Our Mission

Intraoral x-ray sensors are an indispensable tool in the modern dental practice. They eliminate manual processing time before images are available for the clinician to view, save on consumable film/phosphorus plate costs, and make digital adjustment and presentation of radiographs a simple process. However, digital x-ray sensors have almost universally suffered from the same drawbacks and disadvantages for several generations of the modality:

  • Cables that are messy, unreliable, and prone to wear and tear

  • Fragility of the main sensor components 

  • Fuzzy, noisy, foggy, hard-to-read digital images 

  • Bulky, uncomfortable holders and positioning systems 

  • Images burnt out or washed out from even slight variance in exposure parameters 

Our founders had each witnessed or experienced these frustrations firsthand, and combined experience in dentistry,  manufacturing, high energy physics, and organizational operations to finally address them. FTG is proud to introduce a true innovation in digital x-ray sensors with the DC-Air™ wireless intraoral sensor system. With it, we aim to provide an optimized imaging experience for patients and clinicians alike. 


DC-Air™ has been designed, developed and is produced by Athlos Oy, based in Finland-- a country known for its novelty and top notch quality on high end dental imaging products. FTG is a joint venture between Athlos, the other two FTG founders, and experienced industry stakeholders to bring the revolution of direct-conversion x-ray technology to intraoral dental sensors. We draw on Athlos facilities and human resources which have pioneered and shaped direct conversion imaging for decades. 

Our Founders


Konstantinos Spartiotis, PH.D.

Non-Executive Director

Konstantinos received his Masters and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, USA and is the father of direct-conversion x-ray technology, which revolutionized image quality in digital panoramic and cephalometry x-ray systems. His experience in high energy physics includes R&D at the CERN particle-accelerator, and he has dedicated much of his career to designing, developing and manufacturing break-through advancements in x-ray sensors. Konstantinos oversees an expansive team of engineers in a state-of-the-art facility in Espoo, Finland that has a proven history of developing and manufacturing high-end imaging products for the dental x-ray imaging market.


David Hanning

Founding Member

David Hanning has over 25 years of experience in the sale and development of dental imaging equipment. David recognized the issues with digital sensors early in his career as a paid consultant for an industry-leading sensor manufacturer, and has dedicated his career across many roles to improving imaging technology and workflows for dental offices. David's commitment to innovation and improvement led to the assembly of Freedom Technologies Group, LLC and the mandate to bring digital imaging continually closer to perfection.


Robert Sachs, D.D.S.

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Sachs has over 35 years of experience practicing general dentistry and overseeing business development for his practice in Dearborn, MI. In the late 90’s, he quickly realized the impact of advanced technology in the dental field and was an early adopter of cutting-edge solutions, growing his practice's revenue by 60%. Throughout the last decade, he has kept pace with consistent technology updates to equipment and office process platforms. His experience in business development and fundraising has been crucial in the progression of Freedom Technologies Group, LLC.

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