Ready for Crystal-Clear
Dental X-Ray Image Quality?

The wireless “direct conversion” dental x-ray detector is the newest dental technology that provides crystal-clear dental x-ray image quality, more comfort for your patients, and more reliable long-term use than previous systems. Learn about how it works and why it’s better!

Conventional Sensors 

Traditionally, digital x-ray sensors consist of a few parts inside plastic or metal housing that serve to create digital radiographs through a simple process.

  • The Scintillator—a thin, fragile sheet of material that converts x-ray photons to light photons, making them visible to the detector. 

  • The Fiber Optic Plate—a sheet of glass that filters the light that goes to the sensor’s detector. Sensors not equipped with an FOP have noisier images.  

  • The CMOS or CCD detector—a piece that converts light photons into electrical signals in order to process an image in greyscale, as we see in the end result in x-rays.  


These parts, which make up the sensor, are hooked up to a PC through a wire and the digital images are produced. Problems with these sensors arise when one of the above components is damaged or malfunctions, such as the scintillator delaminating, from the FOP, or the FOP cracking. A dental office would not only be left with an expensive, non-functional sensor, but also permanent changes to radiographs that can interfere with diagnosis.

Malfunctions aside, the conventional process of converting x-rays to light inevitably results in some degree of signal loss. This manifests as "fuzziness" or "noise" in the radiographs produced by conventional sensors.

The New, Clearer Way 

The first intraoral x-ray sensor to incorporate "direct conversion" x-ray technology is DC-Air™, designed by the reputable Finnish innovation company, Athlos Oy. It is considered the most significant advancement since the introduction of intraoral sensors in 1987.

The specialized detector in the DC-Air™ converts x-ray photons directly to electronic signals, eliminating the light-conversion process and the fragile components it involves. This gives it the highest MTF resolution of any intraoral x-ray sensor and makes it a more reliable long-term piece of equipment.  

Learn more about the science behind the DC-Air™ on our Specs page and if you’d like to reach out to learn about breaking free of messy cables, don’t hesitate to contact Freedom Technologies Group today by calling (855) 664-1953. We’re here to help improve dental x-ray image quality and in turn, your practice.