DC-Air™ makes amazing easy.

Ask about options for clinical evaluations to try DC-Air­™ in your office before you purchase.

Clearly better image quality

DC-Air™ presents anatomy and pathology more clearly than any other intraoral sensor. It offers a level of clarity that even your patients can see. 


Noticeably more comfortable

Patients who can't stand digital sensors love DC-Air™. Not only is DC-Air™ one of the thinnest CMOS sensors available, it is also the only one with Zero Profile™ holders that eliminate bulk around the sensor in the mouth. 


Unmatched durability

Why are intraoral sensors so prone to failure? The wire and USB plug that wears from bends and constant plugs/unplugs. The "fragile sandwich" of scintillators and fiber optic plates bonded together in the sensor's head. DC-Air™ eliminates these failure points with revolutionary Si-based construction and Bluetooth® image transfer. 

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