DC-Air™ Wireless Intraoral X-Ray Sensor

DC-Air™ Wireless Intraoral X-Ray Sensor


The world's first wireless, direct-conversion intraoral x-ray sensor. DC-Air™ brings your image quality to new level while creating a more comfortable and convenient acquisition process for the patient and clinician alike. Docking station also required for pairing and use. 


DC-Air™ includes 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty against defects.

  • Technical Specifications

    • X-Rays per Recharge Cycle (continuous use): 150+

    • Range: up to 3m

    • Sensor Memory Stores Last Image

    •  RAM: 4 MB

    • Triggering: Automatic on X-Ray Start

    • Sensor mode of operation: Global Shutter

    • MTF: >70% @ 5lp/mm, >40% @10lp/mm

    • Number of Pixels:1,249,920

    • Pixel resolution: 12 bits

    • Active Area: 35.1mm x 24.7mm

    • Exposure parameters: 0.05-0.5s, 60-70kV

    • Pixel physical size: 26um

    • Detector: Single Crystal Direct Conversion Silicon/CMOS