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In every way, the DC-Air™ sensor improves on digital intraoral radiography to drastically improve the experience for patients and clinicians alike.


Sensor in endodontic holder


Images on a single charge


MTF at 5lp/mm


2 year

Fragile sensor wires, scintillators, or fiber optic plates

Warranty with unlimited support

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The DC-Air is the most significant advancement since the introduction of intraoral sensors in 1987.

The DC-Air Sensor

Direct-Conversion. Diagnostic Brilliance. 

Other digital intraoral sensors are fragile because they have many different materials (like glass) stuck together that turn x-rays into visible light, and then light into image data. DC-Air™ uses homogenous silicon CMOS construction that is not only significantly more durable, but also provides superior image quality by converting x-rays directly to image data (direct-conversion).


Conventional Sensors (Left) vs. Direct Conversion (Right)

MTF: The True Measure of Resolution.

The modulation transfer function (MTF) is the spatial frequency response of an imaging system. It is the sharpness at a given spatial frequency.

MTF is the most useful measure of true resolution because it accounts for the amount of detail and contrast over a range of spatial frequencies. DC-Air™
achieves a superior MTF value over the full range of diagnostic spatial frequencies for distinctly brilliant image quality.


DC-Air™ has been designed, developed and is produced by Athlos Oy, based in Finland-- a country known for innovation and world-class production of medical imaging equipment.

The DC-Air Holders

Improved Comfort. 

DC-Air™'s holder system makes positioning easy for staff and significantly improves patient comfort. Patent-pending Zero Profile holders fit securely to the back of the intraoral sensor to minimize the device’s profile in the mouth for a more tolerable imaging experience with less gagging. 

DC-Air Sensor in Anterior Holder

Sensor in anterior holder

Ease of Use.

Holders for all imaging scenarios are faster and easier to swap out during the acquisition process thanks to our patent-pending holder ring design. 

Post Holder Rear Close 2.png

DC-Air uses the latest advancements in Bluetooth® wireless technology to reliably transmit high resolution radiographs without the hassle of a wire.

The DC-Air Docking Station

Smart Power.

Rapid Image Transmission.

The DC-Air™ docking station is the sensor's home base. Smart-power technology activates the sensor once it is removed, and preserves power and battery life when the sensor is not in use. Smart-tracking technology alerts your staff if the sensor has not been returned after use, and can help locate the sensor if it is misplaced.

Multiple docking stations can be paired with one sensor for easy portability between rooms.

Docking Station Renders-View 3.png

Docking station

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The latest Bluetooth® Low Energy technology standards

Status indicating light signals

Fast and reliable USB-C connection to PC

Intelligent sensor arming and power save

The Wireless Intraoral Sensor


Single Crystal Direct Conversion Silicon / CMOS

Pixel Physical Size



Exposure Parameters

0.05-0.50s, 60-70kV

Active Area

35.1mm x 24.7mm

Pixel resolution

12 bits

Number of Pixels



>70% @ 5lp/mm, >40% @ 10lp/mm

Sensor Mode of Operation

Global Shutter


Automatic on X-ray Start

Storage RAM

4 MB

Images in RAM

1 Image


up to 3m

Images per Charge Cycle


Sensor Battery Type


Sensor Battery Capacity


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