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DC-Air™ by Freedom Technologies Group

The wireless dental x-ray sensor that improves imaging
for patients & providers. 

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Wireless Intraoral Sensor | Highest Resolution | Most Comfortable | Most Durable

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DC-Air™ Delivers

DC-Air™ brings direct-conversion and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to the intraoral x-ray sensor, revolutionizing the way intraoral x-ray images are delivered.

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Crystal-Clear Image Quality

DC-Air converts x-rays directly into an electronic signal (direct-conversion), a technology that provides greater native sharpness vs. other sensors that must convert x-rays to visible light before creating an image.

Unbeatable Patient Comfort

DC-Air™ holders incorporate a patent-pending design that adds no additional bulk to the sensor's profile in the mouth. Coupled with the thin, wireless silhouette of the sensor, DC-Air™ ensures superior patient comfort and ease of positioning. 

The Convenience of True Wireless™

DC-Air™ is the only dental x-ray sensor to adopt the latest Bluetooth® technology standards for rapid and reliable image transmission, eliminating the number one point of failure associated with other sensors: the wire.


DC-Air is Built to Last

The DC-Air™ dental x-ray sensor is constructed with a sturdy casing and homogenous internal components that make it significantly more durable vs. indirect-conversion sensors which include glass plates and other fragile components to convert x-rays to visible light. It has IP67 rating and will withstand the rigors of daily use.

See us in
Clinicians Report®

An independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report®, December, 2022.


"[DC-Air™] produced superior image quality with convenient wireless use."


Contact us today so see more third-party clinical reviews of our revolutionary technology.

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Next-generation imaging technology brings a new level of clarity.

With DC-Air™, you will:

Enjoy clearer, more diagnostic presentation of anatomical structures and pathology from your clinical images

Enhance patient comfort and experience during radiographic imaging exams

Eliminate cable mess and gain the benefits of convenient wireless positioning

DC-Air™ Endo Holder Image
DC-Air™ Sample Anterior PA

Zero Profile® alignment system creates a more comfortable & efficient
imaging experience for patients & staff.

Endodontic Holder
Bitewing Holder
Anterior Holder
Posterior Holder
Occlusal Sleeve

Welcome to the new age of digital radiography.

DC-Air™ will improve your imaging with your existing software, and provide a longer useful life than wired intraoral sensors. Contact us for a custom price quote to upgrade to clearer, wireless, more durable, and more comfortable digital radiography.

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